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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not on the Bandwagon

It's not news at this point in the 2010 Tour de France that Lance Armstrong of Team Radio Shack is no longer contending for the win, though he did manage to catch our attention at the end of stage 16 in a well endowed breakaway.

The American fans obviously have a presence in France.

It is disappointing though. It's this disappointment that has turned many fans to either abandon le Tour or attempt to abate the disappointment with a healthy dose of guile. "A.B.C" I saw on one web site - Anyone But Contador, the leading contender and rival of all things Radio Shack and American in cycling.

The natural default then, is the next guy with any chance of stemming the tide that is Alberto Contador - Andy Schleck. With so many in this demoralized condition pulling for the young Luxembourger , I fear that I may unwittingly be cast into the same category as the reactionary mob.

I too am strongly pulling for Andy Schleck. His older brother Frank, crashed out early in the tour, narrowing the focus for those of us with respect for the Saxo Bank duo.

However, I've included some links below to solidify my position as being well off the bandwagon of reactionary guile.




I don't know if this is Andy's year or not. Only time will tell. But, I do hope he continues to make a good show of it.

Oh, and by the way - I predicted that Armstrong would be contending with Contador for the win in the last stage of this year's Tour. I was wrong.
There I've said it.

My new prediction...

No way.

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