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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Court House Run

I have a favorite route that I run about once a week. It takes me downtown Martinez where I loop once around the county courthouse and then retrace my route on the opposite side of the road. In all it is about 4.75 miles. I don't often record my times or mileage being a very practical optimist. If I don't know - I can't be disappointed.

Last week I recorded my route on a new Android GPS tracking app - Endomondo. (Seems to refer to "endorphins") I ran what I thought was a fast pace but looked at the statistics and was chagrined to see an 8+ min / mile average speed. I lived with that assumption for a week.

Motivated, I tracked my route and time on the same path a week later. This time I allowed the "virtual coach" to shout over the music and give me my split times through my ear buds. I ran fast and cleared the first mile in 7 minutes 2 seconds. I lost 20 seconds on the second mile, but it finished my first climb, so a small drop was to be expected.

The wheels started to come off the wagon in mile 3. 7 minutes 53 seconds, and then mile 4 was 7 minutes 59 seconds. Run... Faster... Run... Faster

I lengthened my stride for the home stretch, fighting a stitch and a sour stomach. I crossed the road at rush hour - sans crosswalk - timing it well enough to not be flattened or scorned. Right turn into my neighborhood and a left down my street. Stop. 36 minutes 21 Seconds.

Average speed 7:36 per mile. Smile.

Then I reviewed the history to make the comparison. Last week 36 minutes 7 seconds. Wait a minute. I had a better time last week? Evidently.

I'm not sure what state of mind I was in at the finish a week ago, but I obviously misread the data.

I had been motivated by a mistake. Frown.

So, I actually did worse? Stink.

Next week...