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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Le Tour de France - 2010

Well it's under way again.

Fabian Cancellara surprised no one as he blasted the 8.9 kilometers in exactly 10 minutes, to finish in the maillot jaune.

Lance surprised more than a few however, by besting the 2009 champion by 5 seconds and finishing 4th on the day. Contador will have to drift off to sleep tonight realizing he is trailing his nemesis - in 6th place.

But in a tour that is so often determined by minutes among the best, and hours between the others, a few seconds right now may as well indicate a dead tie.

Cancellara will not win the Tour de France, nor is he expected to, but his teammates Andy and Frank Schleck are considered among the favorites for a win, and rode miserably at 1:09 and :57 back respectively. Andy refused comment today, and Frank merely looked forward toward the mountains where the likes of Cancellara will drift toward the rear of the peloton, as will so many other contenders - they hope.

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