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Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Roof Work - Plus a Sunday Morning Run

After a long afternoon on the roof, it's not unusual for the neighbors to look up and see me sitting on the plywood watching the stars come out.  It was during one of those tranquil moments that I finally figured out how to resolve the troublesome transition between the roof at the rear of the house, the laundry room roof, and the roof over the living room.  On Wednesday, Gary came over and helped me sort through a few roof issues, but by the end of our interview we still hadn't conceptualized a modification for this section.

Then, in the diminishing light I saw it as clearly as if it had already been built.  I stood up and climbed down off the roof.  

This was my biggest challenge of the week - How to get that transition right - because it has never been right.  The biggest problem with this configuration is - which direction to run the shingles?  If you look at the far left of the picture, you see what looks like a hip.  But if you follow that "hip" down the roof to the right, it blends back into the plane of the roof.  So which direction do you run the shingles?

Roughing in the framing

The new section looks like an airplane wing - and is now on the same "plane" as the rear roof.  Now there really will be a hip.
Compare this with the first picture above - I know, it's hard to see the difference - but this configuration can now be shingled conventionally.

It's getting to the point where there are about as many original sheets of plywood as new ones.  If you look closely you can see the small steel gussets I've conscripted into service as reinforcement between sheets - between rafters.  I installed blocks with screws between any new sheets.
Saturday's work...1x8 fascia boards.

Ella actually helped hold one end of some of those more ornery fascia boards.  

Fascias almost done.  Still missing that little triangle piece, but they are all drawn up and sitting on the table saw ready to be cut and installed some afternoon this week.

12 mile run this morning. Humid, but beautiful.
So this week should see the completion of the preparation of the roof.  All of the sheeting is now done, and I only have a couple of straight runs of fascia to install.  The small rear transition gable still needs a piece of plywood installed and I need to cut out the old step flashing, but when that's done - I should be done raining saw dust on the patio - hopefully for a very long time.