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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Get Out and RIDE !

The days don't get much more beautiful than this.
I was supposed to ride with a young friend on the road bike. I wanted to introduce him to the Bay Area's jogging and riding trails, as he and his family are new to the area.

It wasn't to be, as he called me around 10:30 last night and canceled.

No worries.

Plan B. The guys were planning on riding mountain bikes in Briones at 8:30 am. I pulled the Lemond off the stand at a quarter to 11, locked in the GT, and had it ready to ride by 11 pm.

8 hours of sleep. Wow that feels good.

Rode on almost muddy trails for just under 3 hours - half of the time wearing a sleeveless shirt.
Spring is my friend.

Cows are not my friend.
I plastered Vince twice with cow pie rooster tails, managing to speckle myself in the process.
If you wait a few minutes it chips off pretty easy though.

Vince, Jeff (and new bike), Reza, Milt (and new bike)

Vince meeting the cute - uh - dog. We met a LOT of people enjoying the Awesome weather.

I finished out the ride on what I like to call the "Roller Coaster." It's actually the Lafayette Ridge Trail. There are sections of the trail that can take you from 40 mph to 4 mph in about 4 seconds. It's hard to get it in the right gear for that stuff.

I almost got lost when I left the guys and headed for the roller coaster and beyond. What I thought was a short cut to the Ridge Trail, was actually a short cut to the Crescent Trail, at what point I had to make a right / left decision. Astonishingly I made the right decision by going left.

I made it to my 11:00 appointment in Pleasant Hill at 11:16.
Thanks for the good ride guys.