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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Morning Run

Annotated Photos of a Sunday Morning Run

Very gray morning.  Started dark and got light - like most mornings.  

Look close at the middle of the picture and see the next hill.  It looks like a wall beyond the end of the near trail.  It is a wall.  The section of trail in the foreground is already climbing steeply, but the wall must be well over 20%.  Good for the lungs and quads.  My legs were toast after the Mt. Diablo 50k last weekend and sick for 2 days last week.  Made me work for the hills.

This is a sample of the trails.  The cows obliterate the trails when it's wet, and leave no flat surface larger than the palm of your hand.  This makes running interesting.  I forgot to take a picture of one of the bad sections, so took a picture of this area instead.  No twisted ankles - yet.  If you want to strengthen your ankles - this is where to run.

Cute calf.  I actually thought it was a dog at first.

So many wildflowers right now.  Poppies are past the prime, but these yellow flowers are everywhere.  I just missed the picture of a Redwinged Blackbird on a stalk.  You'll have to imagine.

Perspective.  I ran 15 miles, so I covered a lot of ground.  I was on the far side of the distant hills when I took the top picture.  I'm on my way back down into the intervening valley and back up - after shooting this one.  That is sunlight slanting onto those hills - my only look at the sun for that run.