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Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy with the New Wheels

I broke the hub on my front wheel. Spinergy has a less than stellar reputation and I guess I've joined the unsatisfied ranks.

I don't really have a personal issue with Spinergy, since the wheels came used on a bike with an undetermined number of miles on it. For all I know the bike could have 10,000 miles of potholed asphalt behind it. And, Spinergy's tech support has been pretty cool - in spite of telling me that the 2001 model wheels I have are no longer under warranty. Go figure.

That doesn't change the fact that I didn't give serious consideration to any Spinergy wheels I came across.

So I've purchased (used on Craigs list) a set of Velocity Aerohead wheels with Ultegra hubs. I'm pleased - especially since they fit my budget of $150 for the set.

They are not as Aerodynamic as the Spinergy set, nor as light (but only by a few grams), but they seem to be much more solid and certainly give me a far greater sense of security at high speed.

I may post pictures of the wheels later, but for now, I figured I would just post Gianna's reaction to the new additions.

Dad, this is sooo cool! The day we've been waiting for.
We're going to get your new wheels.

Is that the guy's house? Maybe those are the wheels on the front porch.
They look like Velocity rims...

WOW. WOW. They really are beautiful...

MOM!!! Come here!! He's mounted the tires and the cassette.