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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Double

I'm giving more than thought to a double century this year. I've actually printed out the "Devil Mountain Double" registration form.
I'm not sure that the DMD is for me this year, as they state pretty specifically that it shouldn't be your first double century.

There are many other options, but something about doing this on familiar roads is enticing. Friends of mine have ridden the Terrible Two, and the Davis Double, and odds are I will be at one of them.

The unfortunate reality is, that to ride these events, one must train like they are going to ride one of these events. If typing with a 2 month old sleeping soundly on my lap is any indication - it will take some creativity to get those kinds of miles logged and still be allowed into bed with the wife at night.

I'm working on this model just in case though. I wonder if I could modify a Yakima to work on the roof?