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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deception, Duress, Discipline

Not quite in that order...

My wrist joined the ride today - yes - under duress. It was not in favor of the outing, having spent the last few weeks in a brace, and logging just under 100 painful miles since my dive on New Year's Day.

We consulted (The wrist and I), after I had agreed to an afternoon ride on Mt. Diablo with Chris and his friend (Who I will call Lance - a good cyclist name - since in typical fashion, I can't remember his real one). I bribed the wrist with 3 Ibuprofen, and began rearranging the afternoon.

I was informed late in the afternoon, that Lance had already begun his assault of the mountain and Chris would be late. I was clearly instructed to obfuscate the means whereby Chris would join our group, and I lied, telling him I would cover for his drive up to the Ranger Station to meet us for the second half of the ride. I made pretty good (off season) time getting to the Ranger Station and easily identified Lance patiently waiting. Within a few minutes 3 of us had rounded the first corner leaving all evidence of the ruse tucked neatly behind a stand of trees - other than 1 out of 3 of us smelling remarkably more like Chrysler Leather than 2000' of B.O.

I topped out a few minutes before they did, with a couple I had met near the top, and then promptly descended around the circle to climb "The Wall" again - this time with Chris and Lance. To solidify the ploy even further to others now reaching the top - only feet from the top, Chris accelerated, and crested leading the 3 of us. Riding his mountain bike, he had beat 2 road bikes to the top. Hmmm?

I beat him to the bottom.


About that couple I met near the top...

They are both Team In Training members, and both recent converts to cycling. I've added their Blog to my list at the right. They tell it best in their blog, but I was very impressed to find out that they had lost over 170 pounds between them in a few months - by cycling. I paced them up "The Wall" at the end, where he topped out on his first attempt without stepping off. She stepped off midway up, but in about the most respectable fashion possible. Her wheels completely stopped rotating with her feet still clipped into the pedals, having just wandered back toward the center of the road. (Many who climb "The Wall" wander between the 2 gravel shoulders on their way to glory) Her wheel came around nearly perpendicular - stopping her plodding cadence solidly with her right leg ready to descend one more time. It came down, but not attached to the pedal. She remounted a couple of times as I finished the first time, and then beat Chris, Lance, and myself as I escorted them to the top.

I was impressed. I couldn't lose 70 pounds and survive it, but would love to have the discipline to do it...