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Monday, July 2, 2012

Rest Week?

Matt just sent me this link.  http://trailrunnermag.com/races/featured-races/article/387-no-record-safe-at-western-states

Timothy Olson just ran the Western States 100 in under 15 hours.  Do I have a new hero?  George Hincapie step aside, Timothy take the podium.  (Yeah I know - different sport and heroic in different ways)  But, all I could say after reading that Trail Runner article was - Wow.  That's better than a 9 minute mile for 100 consecutive miles.

I have just come off a "rest" week and am itching to be back out in the sun.  2 weeks ago I rode the double metric (120 miles / 10,000') with a few friends at the Sierra Century in Plymouth, CA.  It was bar none my hottest ride ever with the high over 110 degrees. The following week was a bit full with a couple long runs pushing a total of nearly 30 miles, and a weekend ride of 80 miles and 5,000'.

A rest week seemed like a great idea on Sunday morning when I rolled out of bed onto tired legs and sore feet.  But I had forgotten I don't know how to rest...

I decided that this would be a great week to toss in a quick bathroom remodel.  The bathtub has been asking to get replaced, and this was its week.  By Friday afternoon my legs, back, neck, arms, etc. were not registering "rest."

So Sunday morning I took a break from my rest and met Matt for an early 35 mile ride around Briones.

And now he sends me this link about the most seductive of all races for the little trail runner inside me.  With the adrenaline flowing, it's tempting to consider resting slightly overrated.  You probably understand.  Yet I have to admit that a little distance does make the heart grow fonder.

It's time to get back out there - right after I finish sealing the grout.