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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

68 degrees 94% humidity

On vacation in my home state of South Carolina. We arrived to pouring rains. Nothing too unusual, except that coming off of a San Francisco Bay Area summer, we haven't seen too many rain drops in the last few months.

3 days in, the rains abated leaving a wet wool blanket to serve as atmosphere.

The cycling gear came along, and my friend Ben, with whom I spent my fomative cycling years, arranged for me to borrow a bike.

We went out on Tuesday morning and climbed Paris Mtn., the highest point in the Greenville area. Not quite what I remember it being - but still a nice climb and descent. Ben has only recently purchased a new bike after selling his old one several years ago. He is recovering just fine.

I went back out yesterday morning at sunrise - which to my surprise, ends up being about 20 minutes later than at home (per the time zone). 6:58 Am at home in the Bay Area, and 7:19 here in western SC. I did some research online and determined that it's the location within the time zone that makes it get light "later." You may already understand the concept, but it was a cool revelation to me.

I snapped a few shots during my ride to try and give the essence of the "heavy air."
However, I believe the humidity fogged the camera lens on my phone and aided the effect.

It isn't called Greenville for nothing.

Anyway, I left later than I expected and embarked on a biathalon - swimming and cycling.....simultaneously.
We don't have humidity like this in the Bay Area. I've forgotten what a bane it is. The temperature was only 1 degree above the dew point - 67 degrees, and the humidity was at 94% meaning that for all practical purposes, I was riding through liquid air.

This morning I met up with Ben again and we rode around downtown Greenville. Again, camera phone pictures...
This is actually a pretty cool bridge, and water fall in the middle of the city.

He took me past George Hincapie's store just on the edge of the downtown business district. I hope to get in there tomorrow to check it out. We rode around town dodging cars this morning for old time's sake, and then returned the bike to his friend.

Tomorrow we pack the cars and head for the beach at Edisto Island.

Looking forward to 4 days of jogging on the beach and swimming in the warm waters of the Atlantic.

No hurricanes on the horizon - right?

Oh yeah,
My mom came up with this picture of me from high school.
The bike is basically the same - with a few upgrades.
I only wish I could see the socks...