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Friday, July 19, 2013

Death Ride - House Project Update

Tour of the California Alps Death Ride 2013 is in the bag.
I finished with a decent time and am pleased to have it behind me.  What's odd is that I've basically decided that it will be my last DR.  Of course my resolve and desire may change over time, but frankly I think 4 times over those particular mountain passes is enough.  My cycling for the season may also be nearly at an end.

I've been hanging in there with my training - but just barely.  I wanted to enjoy my DR experience so I've maintained a modicum of training.  But the consummation of the event means my cycling training for the year is officially over.  I will be running more, and working even more.

And yes, much of that work will be on my own house.

Following are updated pictures of my progress.

Some window trim goes on the new Hardi Panel siding - still need to figure out that threshold trim...

New rear windows trimmed out and gable siding installed.

Laundry room wall and gable 

Front trim nearly completed - ready to start hanging the lap and shake siding.

Sketched out the soffit lines in order to set the front corner trim - Can't wait to get rid of some of those rotting rafter tails.

Forgot 1 phone line - We'll run that one through the new soffit.

Mock up of the "ledge" going around the front of the house - will divide the lower lap siding from the upper shake siding.
Should get a lot of this siding up on Saturday - if God wills.