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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update to the CRASH

I got up last night and bandaged my knee - as the sheets were sticking to it. Ouch.
I pulled out Bec's wrist brace, which just happens to be for the right hand. 2 out of 3 of the velcro straps are long enough to reach. The brace helps, but makes work of typing. I'm icing the wrist periodically with a kitchen towel and a bag of frozen veggies.

I already had a run scheduled this morning with a friend, so sent him a text message last night to push our start time out 2 hours. The run went well - about 4 miles in the hills behind Alhambra High School - but I had my right shorts leg rolled up pretty high to keep it from rubbing on the road rash. (I'll spare you the picture)

Changing a diaper on a wriggling 7 week old is trying with one club hand. She managed to give my wrist a swift kick this morning evoking a quick yelp. Twerp. Burping her is also interesting.

I forgot to mention on the list of damaged gear, that my phone was among the casualties. This is among the greatest losses, as my beloved Treo Pro is not cheap - even on Ebay. I pulled it from my jersey pocket yesterday to find the top right corner of the screen blank. I either rolled over on it, or the cliff face tagged it on the way by. It has slowly begun to recover and may escape the e-waste bin yet, but my initial chagrin was great.

I still haven't gone out to check on my bike. I can't work on it anyway with my wrist as is. Not to mention, I'm not yet prepared to learn that I broke something expensive. Like Ben said in his text - this is no way to justify the STI upgrade I've been saving for.


  1. Sorry to read of your crash! You want to avoid a navicular fracture (base of thumb against the radius bone)!

    Congrats on new baby.

    See you on the mountain!


  2. I'll be up there Saturday - Lord willing.
    The hand is recovering slowly.
    The Human Body is an amazing creation...