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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New...

I've been holding out on everyone, and I'm beginning to feel a little guilty.

I've had in my possession for over 24 hours now...

My New Bike

I was going to wait and post this till after I installed the new black bar tape and made a few other tweaks, but that is taking far longer than I wanted with my sprained wrist. Yeah, that means I can't ride it either. Boo.

I will come back later with all of the comparisons, specs, and purchase details. For now, suffice to say, that it was a deal I couldn't pass up at a time that I had the money to buy it. I've been praying for this opportunity for several years now, and thanks to Dick, one of the fellas I ride with, (and the guy who gave me the side work) the opportunity came this week.

I'll report later on why this is THE perfect bike for me. It's the exact same frame size as what I'm riding right now - but 4 pounds lighter.

I now own 2 purple road bikes.

1 comment:

  1. Well--I like purple! It does look nice. I take it this was in the works BC-before crash.

    See if you can refrain from messing this one up. Like be careful.