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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Writing Not Riding

I am sitting at my laptop with my phone, credit card and driver's license in a plastic ziplock bag. I've been waiting an hour for the rain to let up so that I can get on my bike and ride to the regularly scheduled Tuesday Hike / Run event. My plan was to leave 2 hours early and ride the mountain bike as a training ride. The rain has gone from steady, to torrential with thunder and lightning. The thunder and lightning is actually pretty cool, since we almost never get it here in the SF Bay Area. However, I just got a call from Vince pulling out of the run, leaving me with a decision. So here I sit all dressed up with nowhere to go. I went out and took these pictures so I would have something to put in this post.

4 hours later...

Never mind, we went.
When the thunderstorm blew over, we decided to dodge rain drops and give it a go.

I changed plans on Pastor - who was going to come and pace us on his bike - a few times via text message...

Me (3:16 PM):
Don't necessarily have to bring your bike.
Mine will be there and you could ride it.
I plan to ride to the hike - rain or shine.

Me (3:17 PM):
Vince is looking at closer to 5, so don't wait too long or you may need your bike to catch up.

Me (4:23 PM):
Vince bailed out. (legit Swintonism - I just realized the play on words)
It is POURING!!!! And lightning.
May just wish I was riding instead.

Me (4:45 PM):
Nevermind we're going.
Yeah we're fickle.

Snow, Brent (4:47 PM):
ok ill see u there

So yeah he was there a little late and had to catch up - Not that it was all that hard for him. We ran the 7 miles and he rode it. We still got wet, 'cause the rain wasn't really gone.

Bec opted out of today's adventure. No complaints here, because I'm now dry, showered, and fed: Bean burritos, and chicken stuff (not sure what it's called - but sure is great to have waiting for you after riding and running in the rain).


  1. Scott, your mom put me on to your blog since I've been enjoying cycling here in SC. See you are into biking and blogging as well. Joined with the Upstate Winter Bike League last fall & also the GVL Spinners out at Donaldson Center this spring. Will transition to our B&B out in WA hopefully this fall and continue with it there. Will add your blog to my favs and keep up with your adventures there in CA.

  2. Wow - I think I remember who you are.
    Been a long time. Let me know if you are blogging and I'll try to follow.

  3. Scott,
    Here's my inn blog: www.blogGWI.com.