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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Rim Trail

As noted in the Biathalon post - the Lafayette Rim trail is a 5 mile hilly loop around the Lafayette Reservoir. There is a paved trail down at water level that makes the circuit in just under 3 miles, but the more adventurous brave the hills.

The map above is a track recorded by a cool piece of software I downloaded to my Treo. It uses the built in GPS receiver on the phone to track my coordinates and altitude during any period of time that I tell it to run.

The route is known for it's abrupt climb at around 2 miles. Locals refer to it as "Cardiac Hill," climbing over 250' in under a quarter mile. Basically, it needs steps cut into it. One of these days I'll post because I have run the route twice consecutively.

This picture was taken just before our "Biathlon Run"
I'm not cold - I'm just standing like that because...I don't know why.
Quit being so critical already.

We enjoy this spot because it offers a pace for everyone.
And...it has a HUGE playground for Ella at the end.

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