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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Factual and boring review of events. No Joke.

Tuesday's regular ride was preempted by a busy work schedule and an evening meeting .
I had assumed I was going to miss the entire week of riding, since this weekend and next week will include no cycling.
Today's schedule changed just about hourly, and my afternoon opened up unexpectedly. I was pleased to see an email from Vince looking for riders this afternoon. I was there at 5:00.

Frankly today's ride was uneventful. We rode familiar trails and didn't ride all that hard. It was a good opportunity for me to reflect on my progress.
I found myself today in far better physical condition than one year ago. It was one year ago in July that I actually started riding again for the first time since college. I bought a mountain bike to pull my daughter around with. My goal was to purchase a mountain bike with front suspension in reasonably good condition. As I looked for used bikes, I came across the bike I now own, a GT Idrive. I did some quick internet research and found that many people loved the bike - about as many as hated it. I also did some research to determine how much the bike should cost, and realized I was looking at a good deal. I bought the bike, and started pulling my daughter around on her "trailer bike."

I knew that now having a full suspension bike meant that I had to at least give real mountain biking a try. This I did, and haven't been the same since.
My first ride was in Briones, where I found hills which I deemed impassable. I rode around for 30 minutes or so and decided that there must be some better place to ride a bike. About a week later I was invited to ride in the same area by Rick, who had also hooked up with Vince. I soon found myself watching Vince climb these impassable hills. With his coaching, I was following not long after.

I have much more to say about those first few rides, which I will attempt to make more lively in the future - unless, of course, I don't have any more boring rides, in which case I will stick to current topics and rides.

Yes, and sorry, it's another cell phone picture.
Nice front shocks huh?
Overlooking Pleasant Hill, CA

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