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Monday, May 26, 2008

5/26/08 Memorial Day, Castle Rock

New rider this morning. Tim Snow (Age 13). He may be young but he has distinct potential. And, a brand new bike.

This morning set a splendid ride through a beautiful wooded valley in the south west foothills of Mt. Diablo. The air was cool and a little too humid, but the sun momentarily squeezed a few rays between the peaks of the highest ridges on the east and the morning fog, stunning me into stopping my pre-ride jog and ignoring the T-shirt sticking to my back, long enough to breath a prayer of gratitude for the heavenly gift I had just been handed.

I spent a significant amount of time on Saturday traversing the roads of Mt. Diablo with Vince and Reza, including over 40 total miles, once to the top, back to the bottom, and once again to the ranger station (1/2 way up), where I had to let my comrades finish the ride while I returned home for Ella's 5th birthday party.

The effects of that ride, have pursued me through the weekend, so on Sunday at church when Dave K. requested a MTB ride Monday (Memorial Day) morning, I was quick to oblige with conditions - it has to be easy, and fun.

Fun it was. I made the mistake of inviting Schweikert, so the easy part was consumed by our mutual and hopefully never terminal competitive nature. It was not as easy as I had planned.
I found myself following him up numerous hills that the others had the good sense not to climb.

The majority of the fun, however, came from the dozen-plus times that the creek crosses the trail and the the obvious obligation to traverse. I've ridden this trail before, and the result is always the same. The first few times you ride through the water, it is with caution and a faint hope of staying dry. However, within a very short time you get very wet, and the entire basis for caution - a dry ride home - is no longer viable. Caution inevitably gives way to testosterone.

The ride ended well with all but Pastor Brent taking their hand at riding as fast as possible over a small drop off, where if done right, one can suspend body, soul, and spirit between the heaven and the earth for various lengths of time and with varying results. Today the results were fabulous, and all riders returned to the trucks under their own power, astride their bikes. (It does not always have to be that way)

Great ride guys.
Photo credit goes to Schweickert's mobile phone.
Yes that is me watching Terra Firma shrink into the distance.

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