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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Not Dead

My absence from writing in this blog may leave the reader wondering if my injuries were fatal after all.  After 2 crashes, I must admit that I spent some time away from the bike.

But the true cyclist, like the true runner, is addicted to the sport and time off is a heavy burden to bear.  And no, my foot has not healed, so running is still not an option.

I admit that I have not sat astride my road bike since I stepped off it battered and beat and tossed it into a friends car for a short ride back to my truck.  I still have significant scars and the one last scab on my elbow just disappeared the other day after my shower.

But I have been cycling.  The cash I've been hiding for well over a year in anticipation of a new road bike got spent on a sweet mountain bike.  Yes, the GT has been relegated to a parts supplier after many miles together.

She's a Specialized Stump Jumper FSR with Fox full suspension, a mix of Shimano XTR and Sram components, dropper saddle, and more levers and adjustments than I can keep up with.  It's far more bike than I can ever do justice to, but I'm loving it anyway.

I've been out on it close to a dozen times, since my hand recovered enough to support my weight, and frankly haven't missed the road bike too much.  I still look at the roadies and shake my head thinking, "boy that looks dangerous."  I think I still have some recovering to do.

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