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Sunday, August 18, 2013

1 Week on the Roof = No Sunday Morning Run

I didn't run my typical Sunday morning run.  I've been consoling myself with the fact that I've been getting in 15 - 20 miles each Sunday morning.  That still makes me a runner - right?

My running shoes dry out by the front door - the only evidence that there is a little athlete inside the carpenter who lives here.

But I could barely get out of bed this morning - after sleeping nearly 11 hours straight.  This is among the hardest weeks I can remember.

Last Saturday Tim, Dillon, and I spent 9+ hours tearing off shingles... Then each day this past week I worked my real construction job until around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon and then headed up onto the roof...

Removed plywood and constructed eaves at large rear gable

Removed plywood and constructed eaves at transition gable

Same again at the small side gable

Removed approx. 5 sheets of plywood and approx. the same number of rafter tails at various locations around the roof.

Stripped plywood around the skylight to determine exactly how much damage was done by the leaks and formed a plan of attack for Saturday

In running terms - this was a double marathon.  ...shored up the dining room ceiling, remove the wiring above the light fixture, remove final sheets of plywood, remove damaged sections of rotting rafters, installed 5 new rafters, repaired various framing around skylight, installed new insulation as needed, new plywood, new skylight

I don't remember ever being as beat as I was on Saturday night.  I had been on the roof for nearly 12 hours straight.  I was blessed with cloud cover most of the day - an unexpected blessing on a day slated for 90 degree highs with clear skies.

So this week I plan to spend much less time on the roof (there are still 6 or 7 sheets to replace) and a little more time on the more artistic elements such as the "bird boxes" at the soffit corners, and paint prep.  My friend Gary comes over later in the week to help me figure out a nasty transition on the roof which is guaranteed to be problematic if we don't change something.  

Hopefully, this week, I don't put my tools away in the dark every night.  Next Sunday morning I want to hit the trails again...

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