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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Siding Completed

The last piece of siding went on the wall shortly after 1:00 this afternoon.  The 4x8 panels at the back of the house still need a little work as I didn't caulk any of the joints or trim boards, and a handful of locations need to be nailed off, but it's sweet relief to have the place buttoned up.

My secondary objective has been to preserve the plants and bushes along the way.  So far, so good.

I would love to get rid of the ugly utility meters.  Alas.  The Orange tree helps.

OK, so technically there is the water heater closet door , and a small transition gable on the roof which are "siding."  The door should be installed Monday and the transition gable has to integrate with the roof - so I'm still considering the siding "done."

I love how these corners turned out - they are a compromise that Bec and I came to.  They are certainly worth the immense effort that went into them.

Not much will get done next week with a backpacking trip at the end of the week.  I'm relying on the preparation of years past to make this trip possible.  Ella comes along this year, so all of the preparation that has taken place over the past weeks has been aimed her direction.

So in brief I've met my objectives for 2 months running.
Preparation for siding in June - Done.
Started installing siding on July 4th.
Siding completed by end of July - Done-ish. (I've got a few days to make that reality)

Moving forward...
Strip roof, repair roof plywood, repair rafters, create gable soffits, and in a word - prepare for shingles.

Gutters, shingles, soffits, paint.

Details, details, details, and whatever didn't get done in September.


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  1. I am impressed! With the workmanship, even though it does not take much to impress me, as I am somewhat challenged or maybe just ignorant in that area. But having seen your work previously, I assume it is just as good as ever. And impressed with the self-discipline of setting and achieving your goals. Makes a mama proud.