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Friday, May 11, 2012

Just Pictures

Cycling season is back.  Actually it's been back for a while, but my season is just getting out of the shed.  I rode with House of Pain (HOP) Medium the other day and realized that I might still be in HOP Light condition.  The pack was being led by guys who race and wear their team jerseys to the ride.  I don't race and have no team jersey.  I was happy to just hang on near the back of the pack and only take my periodic turn pulling at the front when we got particularly organized.  I survived, but it was a long slow ride home.

Transitioning back into cycling has meant backing off my running.  And that has been hard to do.  Finishing the Mt. Diablo Trails Challenge (See the previous Post) in 15th place gave me more motivation to stay strong than it did to relax.  

Alas, something has to give.  Unfortunately it has been this blog that has been sacrificed.

So, I've simply posted some pictures from recent training runs - most of them early mornings done the injustice of being captured with the camera on my phone.  

Morello Ave. - Pleasant Hill

Nevada - High Desert

Briones Regional Park

Carquinez Shoreline


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