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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

She Was Right Again

So I've had some weird swelling on my knee. A Kaiser doctor drained it for me (using 3 separate needles) over a week ago, and drained the vast majority of blood from my cranium at the same time. As I was watching exam room ceiling swim above me, I heard the doctor saying something about my pre-patellar bursitis possibly coming back if I didn't stop doing whatever had brought it on. I was still trying to figure out what I had done to "bring it on," as the main cause is supposedly spending time on your knees. I received no clear or likely causation from the doctor nor admonition regarding cycling or running.

I have a 9 month old and a 7 year old, so my time spent on hands and knees may have spiked a little recently, but still...

24 hours after having my knee drained into a syringe roughly the size of San Francisco Bay, my left knee was bulging again. After a week of hopeful procrastination I emailed my doctor, who immediately ordered x rays and scheduled me with an orthopedist.

A week and a half after the needles I showed up for the x rays. At check in the technician indicated that I still had an x ray pending for a wrist injury from several months back.

Oh yeah... My wrist injury from New Years Day (And re-injury on the Tahoe Flume trail in August)

I had called for that appointment to placate my wife back near the beginning of the year, but then conveniently never showed up. The technician behind the desk informed me that they could nuke both appendages for the price of one - and I just couldn't say no.

Just for the record: I don't like going into rooms that have warning signs and lights all over the outside of the door, and I don't like the fact that the x ray tech always dives behind a thick wall and a pane of glass, leaving me posed and exposed while crunching and sucking noises emit from far walls and nearby instruments in rapid succession.

She blasted my knees and wrist in impossible poses at various angles, and then sent me on my radioactive way.

I got a phone call from a doctor today. About my wrist? "It seems that sometime in the recent past you must have fractured the scaphoid bone in your wrist..."

Becky's gonna love this...

She literally punched me when I told her.

You can read about it here. It might as well be talking about me.

Hopefully I'll get some good news about my knee in the next week or so when I visit the next doctor. I'm backing off in the mean time. Not that I have much choice - remember that 9 month old and 7 year old...? Maybe I'll work in a commute ride just before my appointment so the doctor can really see it bulge.


  1. Oh my......what can I say. I am really sad. I know they have not yet told you cannot continue as you have been, but it doesns't look good for the home team. Yes, this is the same mother who wanted you to ride up and down the street in front of the house. Why,then, do I cry?? I remember when I ran every morning when you were in high school and college. I loved it!! I would fee like I was gliding over the ground---it was a wonderful feeling. THEN---my knees started to bother and the doctor said---no more hard impact on my knees. I still miss it to this day and am jealous of those runners I see, as I recall the peace and contement of that gliding feeling. (I wonder if that is how walking in Heaven will be---kind of gliding over the ground, or gold street.) Now, however, I have wonderful memories of Shadow and I setting out in the early morning still dark, with the sun still waiting to peer over the edge of the horizan in the east and as I returned from my route through the neighborhood, the sun shone down smiling on me, for a job well done. At least I have memories and many lessons that God taught me out on my runs.
    So this is why I cry, I know what it is like to give up something you love to do. Maybe, just maybe it will not be so. But-----------then it will be back to how many gray hairs will you put on my head. Which is worse...........?

  2. Whoa, slow down. I'm not in a wheel chair yet.
    Just a minor setback. I don't have any pro races scheduled for the Fall anyway, so I'm fine.

    Bec just informed me that my daughter is 10 months. For the record...

  3. Aw, bummer. Such a nuisance to not do stuff you really enjoy doing. But I'm sure there's plenty of things God would like to show you right now...you know how these things go... :)