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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stage 4 - As viewed from Calaveras and Felter Rds.

I actually managed to put in about 8 or 9 hours of work Wednesday, strategically woven around a late morning ride to the race in San Jose, and a late afternoon pause, to watch the race finish on my laptop.

Cavendish got beat at the line. Doesn't happen often...
Guess that's what happens when your lead out train can't keep up.
Congratulations Francesco Chicchi (Liquigas-Doimo)

My little glimpse of 120 some odd professional cyclists is frankly nothing special. There were thousands of others out there just like me.
However, it was one of the best days on the bike for me - ever - and I only rode 18 miles.

9:30 AM (Yes that's late morning to me), I hammered up to the KOM at the top of Sierra from the base of Calaveras Rd., took in the festivities for a few minutes, and then descended back on the race route (More solidarity - I feel I've practically bonded with the teams by now) to meet up with the lately arriving Chris.

We stationed ourselves at the right hand turn off Felter, onto Calaveras armed with a camera and camera phone. The riders arrived just before noon.

The rest is in the pictures.
I deferred the better camera to Chris, since he was talking about adjusting things like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO - or maybe those are all the same thing? He did a fine job. I did just fine myself with my faithful Treo Pro camera phone.

In approx. correct chronological order...

Looking down on San Jose from the top of Sierra Rd.

KOM Festivities

The line.

Calaveras Rd. - the pros will cover this ground within minutes.

Don't see this CHP vehicle much. Check out those wheels...

It's parade week for the CHP

They actually have done a great job keeping the ride safe and efficient.

The first guys over the top of Sierra, and the first to be awakened by this abrupt right turn. Later to be absorbed back into the Peloton

Same group...

...Nearly runs over Chris' toes.

The balance of the Peloton, with Garmin-Transition at the front.

The best shot of the day - Chris caught Lance and Levi leading their team and tailing the Garmin guys. This is Lance's last full day in the Tour of California though, as he ends up crashing and riding about 6 miles with a gash under his left eye and nearly broken arm before being pulled by the team doctor in stage 5.

Team Radio Shack, following Garmin after turning up Calaveras.


This fella seemed truly amused by us spectators.

Well then, that is a bit amusing.

Thanks to Chris for the great photography.

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