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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tour of Flanders and My Ride

Tour of Flanders 2010
Riders I'm following...

George Hincapie - 6th at Tour of Flanders

Fabian Cancellara - Winner of the Tour of Flanders

Lance Armstrong on the Cobblestones
He claims the 27th place was OK, and Flanders was just a workshop with cobblestones.

Levi Leipheimer was not riding today in Flanders, and I'm not sure that he's riding anywhere right now. I checked the Team Radio Shack Facebook page but didn't get any clues. No doubt they are strategically racing him in preparation to support Lance in the Tour de France. Let Lance get his 8th win, and then let him support Levi for 2011.

Andy and Frank Schleck will be riding tomorrow along with Jens Voigt and 6 other teammates in the Tour of the Basque Country or better known as the Vuelta al Pais Vasco - - Ok, yeah me either.

And me?
Well, since you asked, I rode yesterday in the Tour of the Diablo Valley. I was originally scheduled to ascend Le Monte Diablo with those who dared, but the cloudy skies and temperatures in the 30's above 3000' kept me closer to sea level, opting rather for the popular Danville Blvd. I came in first against some stiff competition among a group of female Team in Training members on a mid ride sprint from the stop light in San Ramone. A few minutes later I dusted a senior citizen - who rode back up beside me at the next stop light.

I finished strong with just under 60 miles, and feel very confident for my solo century I have coming up. If all goes as planned - which it basically never does - I will be riding up to Williams in the morning. From there my team car will convey me the rest of the way to Mt. Shasta, where we will visit some friends and tear up the slopes. (Not like you think. Generally parts of me get torn along with the slopes) But that is several potentially rainy days away, and a lot can change between now and then.
Pouring Rain = Nada.

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