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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pickles, Pizza, and Pancakes

What do you eat for lunch after riding up some of the Bay Areas most demanding hills? You guessed it...
Left over pizza from last night.
Left over pancakes from the girls' breakfast.
And, a half dozen pickle spears from the jar I talked my wife into buying - saying that I love pickles and she never buys them, yet thereafter allowing them to sit in the fridge for 3 weeks forgetting about them, but arriving home a bit saline deficient, and seeing the pickles, deciding I should have a few. (Possibly the most grammatically incorrect sentence I've ever composed)

(I also ate a whole bunch of jelly beans, but they don't start with "P" so they only get this passing note.)

Here's the climb.

Check out what others have said of this hill.




Vince and I threw this climb into the middle of our ride.

I think we were about 30 miles into the ride, going around that circle when Vince went bizerk and starts saying something about “we have to take this road!!” Turns out he knew what was coming. I remember at the bottom saying something like, "you could have warned me to shift gears," as I ground through the gears to something lower than were I was.

It was pretty unbelievable and pure will power at the top. I'm glad I didn't know what was coming.

Some sources say that near the top, the gradient is nearly 30%.

Um, that's steep.

My arms hurt at the top from the counter force I had to apply to the bike for .8 mile. The overall gradient as I figured it is around 17%. Some say 13% - but I'll stick with my figures. That's like climbing the "wall" at the top of Mt. Diablo 8 times, without getting to go back down in between.

Total ride was just over 65 miles.

Pickles, Pizza, and Pancakes. MMMMMMM!

What's for dinner? Pasta?

(The fonts on this posts have a mind of their own. Blogger needs a better user interface. If anybody who can do anything about this is reading - I would be glad to provide my short list of grievances. Life goes on...)

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