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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ride This Saturday

I'm riding through Morgan Territory on Sat. morning. 2/13/10
I'm eventually going to hook up with my wife somewhere in the vacinity of San Jose or beyond, depending on how quickly she catches up to me. We will be spending the afternoon hiding out in Capitola.
Wondering if anyone wants to ride as far as the far side of Morgan Territory and loop back through Blackhawk or an even longer ride and go up Palomares.
I'll be continuing on toward SJ on some "new to me" roads. You're welcome to follow, but will need your own ride back.

I'll be leaving early if no one else is going (6:00 am)
But, if anyone else comes we could leave a little later like 7:00. Unless you want to be on the road with me at 6:00am.

Pass this along if you know of anyone else wanting to ride.
Post a reply below if you think you can come.
We should meet at Petes Coffe in Todos Santos Plaza in Concord at 6:30 or 7:30.
I'll keep this updated if anyone posts a reply.

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