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Saturday, February 6, 2010

In Spite of the Rain and in the Rain

We've had no end of rain here. Some say it's good, others have had enough of it. I'll sit on the fence.

This morning was tough. We woke up to gray and forbidding skies, with the weather forcasting storms all day. Dave and I had tentatively arranged a ride for this morning, but I was leaning heavily toward sitting it out. "It's raining" was the gist of my early text message. And his basic reply was "Not for long."

It was such a warm, dry, and pleasant idea to eat a leisurely breakfast and sip endless cups of hot coffee while the girls spent the morning at church for a ladies breakfast. But it was also laced with shame.

Dave was going to ride the 10 miles to meet me at my place to start our ride. And yeah, that was escalating the guilt. Overcome by the ignominy of it I set out to squeeze in a quick 5 mile run before he got there.

I beat him back to my place by a minute or 2, but he was driving. I felt duped, but in a satisfied sort of way.

We rode steady for about 25 miles. The rain pestered us at times, but basically left us alone.

A random driver had axed a power pole just down the main street from home, so the power was out before we headed out. Bec reported the power to still be out when she got back and proposed a McDonalds type solution. The variant power pole lay across our default route home, forcing us to detour right past the hamburgers.

Oh well, it could have been worse - She might have recommended Chinese.

Mine looked like the one in the foreground with nearly 800 calories.

By the time I was done with the fries and sauteed mushrooms, the Subway across the street was seeming a better choice. But, try substituting a 6 year old's happy meal with a nondescript ham and cheese on a french roll...
You deal with with the saturated fat and add some bonus miles to the ride home.

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