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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rockville Again

I did manage to squeeze in a ride in Rockville on Saturday - 24 hours before my wife went into labor. I checked the phone frequently during that ride to be sure I hadn't missed any calls, but could have saved the energy for getting up some of those hills, or bounding over the boulders in the rock gardens.

I finally got to wear my new full face helmet. I certainly felt more safe. But it was a little hot, and the one time I did go over the bars - I managed to spare my brand new helmet.

Attached are a few videos of our short adventure.

The basic conclusion we came to was...
We need to do technical riding more often.

This is a little crazy - I didn't do this drop, and neither did Vince and Jeff the second time we came around to it. Maybe next time - with pads.

This is me coming down a small hill that looked meaner than it turned out to be.

And Vince on the same hill.

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