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Sunday, June 21, 2009


If you look back at my posting from Jan. 16 this year on Goals, you will see near the end, that one of them was to summit Mt. Diablo 4 times in 1 day.

Did it.

8.5 hours - including water stops and 15 minute lunch.
95 miles.
13,500' elevation gain.
Several thousand calories.
Re-defined tan lines.
After 3 trial runs... An AWESOME 4th descent with a tail wind. Possibly my fastest ever.

Vince accompanied me for 2.5 of them, and urged me finish the last 1.5 solo, as it wasn't his day. He met me at the midway ranger station on his way down from 3 - on my way up to the 4th. Vince called it a day after 3 - having only intended to ride 2 when we left in the morning. He was an invaluable partner throughout the day, keeping me from blowing it all on the first 2 passes - as would be my inclination. He's completed 4 passes in the past, and I suspect that influenced this decision.

I sit here now a little sore, but have most certainly felt worse. Bec is even now reminding me of how my first time up the mountain - approx. 2 years ago - left me moaning in bed. It is possible the moaning was more a ruse to invoke sympathy, and some TLC... (This ploy would not be unprecedented.)

This ride has definitely been a boost to move me toward mental preparedness for the Death Ride - less than 3 weeks away.

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