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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Death Ride - Registration Success

"Beginning and ending at Turtle Rock Park just north of Markleeville, California, the five pass ride includes 129 miles and 15,000+ feet of lung busting climbing."


I've never ridden this ride, but everyone talks about it. I feel a little left out among my cohort to be honest.
Lord willing - this is my year.

Evidently the registration process is different this time around, as all of the registration is first come first served on 2 pre-selected days via the ride's web site.

Today was the second day. First try I got in, paid my $102.18, and secured my position as rider in "One of the premier cycling events in the west."

Vince tried the first day, and then again today. Bummer - no go. He will find tickets on E-bay or Craig's List.
Training began today - in my mind if nothing else. Will keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. This is Mom, of course---can't believe you are paying $100 for a "death" ride. Some get those for free! Ooooh Myyyy....what can I say. I guess alot, but nothing that will be heard. Although I will be reading the blog about it---maybe with one eye shut and mouth agape.