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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This wasn't my idea.
But I thought it was a good one nevertheless.
The advertisement idea came on a rather mundane spur of the moment ride last Saturday afternoon. The ride was slow and uneventful. We spent the majority of our time waiting at crosswalks between sections of the Delta Dianza Trail. Again, the camera came along, and I was fooling around with the video. Taking a random clip of the ride, I panned past pastor who blurted out my blog address. I guess he assumed he had a better chance of getting posted that way. Not really, but in this case it worked, and we staged the shot.

A side note...
Tim gets the Hero Jersey for this ride, as he rode the majority of the ride with his wheel rubbing the chainstay, and unable to shift the front derailleur. I'm strongly recommending some basic maintenance. Hey, oil your chain while you're at it too.

For this accomplishment, we gave him the body builder role in the Ad.

Yeah, I know it's corny.
A little grainy too - anyone want to buy me a new camera?
Let me know and I'll send you my list of specs.
Don't worry. I promise to keep my day job.

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