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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Downieville Downhill

I had such a blast in Downieville, that I thought for sure I would immediately sit down and compose a full length account of my adventures.

That has yet to happen.
I've watched the videos that we took along the way and shared the pictures around.
I've even verbally recounted the trip dozens of times to anyone who will stay around long enough to listen.
But alas, I have yet to lay it all out in this format. I've been insanely busy lately, which not only prevents me from having time to write, but also extinguishes the little spark that is necessary to get the writing started.
So, here are a few pictures.
These will have to suffice until the spark re-ignites.
You can see for yourself at: www.downievilleclassic.com/pages/downhill.html
This is the website for the race - we didn't race.
But we did follow basically the same course - at as close to unsafe speeds as possible.

In brief:
Vince and Jeff are animals.
Milt is as steady as they come.
I'm happy I never landed in the creek.
As Milt so mildly noted at one point, speaking of the possible results of a mistake on the upcoming section of trail, "The first bounce is about 200' down."
No one bounced, but a few of us walked. Ok, so we all walked at one point or the other.

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