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Monday, September 1, 2008

Church Family Camping & The Truck

Spent Saturday and Sunday night in Briones over the Labor Day weekend.
Our annual church camping trip was held in conjunction with our summer picnic in Briones regional park. The Snows, Perezes, Hillemans, Tracy, Andrew, Lisa, and my 2 lovely ladies pitched tents under clear blue skies. The weather turned remarkably pleasant the day of the trip, dropping from 100 degree highs, to the mid 80's. The firelight was shed on grateful faces in the evenings as the temperature dropped into the 40s and 50s.

We all worked as families, through lessons prepared by pastor. The focus of the lessons was on "One Another," and how we as families can care for each other.

Vince and Rick made a cameo appearance on Sunday morning and wrested me away from the campsite for a few hours to kick up some dust on our MTB's around the park.
Activities were varied and predictable. We ate, hiked, slept - or not, saturated our clothing with the smell of camp smoke, and of course drove a remote control truck through our obstacle course.

This post will be short, as my main objective is to get this video out for viewing.

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