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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why I didn't ride this past week. . .As written by Bec. . .

Dino Detective Ella.

Ella's class at game time.

Sweet girl.

Wild-eyed Scott after game time with the 4's & 5's.

Our big girl has just completed her first week of VBS.
She came home every night wild with excitement.
The theme was a dinosaur dig--"Digging for God's Truth, Dino Detectives"--so each child received an explorer's hat that they could decorate and wear all week. Well, the first night after we came home, Ella stood in the front yard singing and yelling and throwing her hat into the air, much to the surprise of our neighbors, who said that they had never seen her act like that, and much to the chagrin of mommy and daddy because it was 9:30!

This was our first VBS in four years, and the first one in our own building. It was so exciting to see the majority of our church people pitch in and help in one way or another. This is a big change from 4 years ago. We had a great turn-out, about 45 kids, and only two-thirds of them were church kids from our church or others. It will be exciting to see what God does in the life of our church as a result of this week. He has already amazed us with what He has done.


  1. Ella is so cute if I do say so myself!!! I am glad it was a good week.

  2. Awww. . .Ella Bella looks so cute!