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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I ride a road bike too

One day I will add a picture of my road bike to the blog. For now, I've included a picture of the one I realistically might get by the end of the year. (I resisted the phrase "the one I want" as the one I want and the one I might actually get, are several thousand dollars apart)
All of the other pictures in this blog so far are of the mountain bike, and it could be confusing to those reading that I'm getting nearly 20mph average speeds. No, I can't average speeds that fast on my mountain bike - except downhill, and then I hope the speeds are much greater than that.


  1. This is Mama--
    How are the rides to work going?

  2. Going well.
    Yesterday was the second ride back to work, after Monday's ride home.
    3 minutes faster home, and 2 minutes faster to the office.
    I'll get this posted as a blog sometime this week.